FAQ -- Our Logo

Our logo represents

Our is formed on logo represents the balance of five components of the happy and successful person

  • Health and fitness
  • Vocational and Avocational
  • Kindship
  • Fiscal
  • Sprit

Each day our students have core routines from each one of those areas to form lasting habits.

Being drawn using the golden mean, our logo shows beautifully our balance of science and nature Being a hand drafting project it shows our connection with the past

The first few steps in drawing the logo is an equilateral triangle the most robust geometric the foundation of the logo.

Depending on the reason for the document will determine if the triangle is shown and what text is on it if any.

For our staff that equilateral triangle is a reminder to us that the foundation of what we offer must be real, relevant, and wow

For our students, It is a reminder to them the foundation of their learning they must own it, practice it, and make their best better

It is also a reminder to the students that their success is must be based on a growth a mindset, answer the question “why is it important that I learning it, and answer the question what is the best methods for me to learn it.

"Symbols are the imaginative signposts of life. "
—Margot Asquith
"Design is thinking made visual."
—Saul Bass