FAQ -- Do You Have a Dress Code?

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FAQ – Do You Have a Dress Code?

Answer – Yes

Specific elements clothing requirements are stated in the Student/Parent Handbook.

We maintain this dress code for several reasons:

  • Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Institute strives to maintain learning environment that functions well and is free from unnecessary distractions and annoyances. Our students’ emphasis should be on learning not clothing
  • Having good hygiene, good grooming and appropriateness of dress are all core routines and habits of successful people
  • to underscore the our seriousness of purpose by encouraging students to think of their attire as an aspect of their work
  • Proper clothing is as important and the tools used by the tradesmen and is key to success as the skills of leadership is to the statesman
  • to eliminate the self-consciousness and social competition that fashion tends to promote
  • to promote a sense of identity with the school and among the students as a group as well as their future careers

Northwestern Outdoor Leadership maintains three standard of dress

  • In the Field, Farm, or Shop our students will wear what professionals in their field of work wear
  • At Casual Events such as fairs, shows, conferences our students will represent us and themselves through their attire in a professional manner
  • At Presentations our students will wear traditional conservative business attire or the FFA dress uniform
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