FAQ -- Who is NOLI School For


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” (Buckminster Fuller)

FAQ: Who is NOLI School and Camps For?



  • Want to prepare for more than just taking a test
  • Have goals that the Common Core Curriculum does not address
  • Want to learn skills specific to their own goals
  • Want to be in a smaller school environment
  • Are happier outside than inside
  • Lean by hands-on doing
  • Want to learn from people that are masters in what they teach, that have boots on the ground experience in what they teach


  • In Conservative values
  • The US Constitution needs to be taught and protected
  • Home time is family time
  • School time should be spent preparing my child to be successful as adults
  • The standard model school, classroom, and format does not serve their child well
  • In a balance of vocational, hobbies & recreation, fiscal, kinship, spirit, health, and fitness
  • Common sense is learned from modeling and experience
  • Standardized tests and transcripts are a poor measure of success
  • Being prepared to graduate from college is better than just having a high SAT score
  • That goals other than going to the university are just as noble and valuable
  • Habits are just as important as the content
  • It is important that kids learn it is both okay to defend themselves and learn the skills to do it
  • That the students benefit if the school only includes those that want to learn
  • That all students should learn how to produce food
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—Margot Asquith
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