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The Zipper Is…

The zipper is a standard clothing item. Most pants, jackets and dresses have them. We even use them for things to hold school supplies. But there is a lot most people don’t know. Well let’s dive deeper in the history of the zipper with 3 simple questions.

Question one: who invented the zipper?

The inventor that most people know is Whitcomb Judson, but the original inventor of the zipper is Elias Howe, Jr, the inventor of the sewing machine. You see, when Elias Howe, Jr. got the patent for the zipper which he called “Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure” he did not go on with marketing. People think it might have been the success of the sewing machine that stopped him from going on with his plans for the zipper, so then 44 years later Whitcomb Judson took the idea and made it his own.

Question two: why did Elias Howe, Jr and Whitcomb Judson invent the zipper?

Well many people say the reason that Whitcomb Judson invented the zipper is that he did it for his friend who had a stiff back. He had a hard time bending over to tie his boot. So Whitcomb Judson made the zipper to help his friend. I do not know why Elias Howe, Jr came up with the idea of the zipper.

Question three: how did the zipper get named the zipper?

The name got created by the B. F. Goodrich Company, which decided to use the zipper on a new type of rubber boots. Boots and pouches with a zipper for a closure were the two top uses of the zipper during its early years.

Well that’s all I have on the zipper for today. Hope that you learned something interesting. My sources are Google, Zipper and ThoughtCo.

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