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“Those who stand for nothing fall for everything. ― Alexander Hamilton”

My 2 Cents

I am going to talk of controversial things. I make no apology for this. I have been talking on this subject for many years. As I am writing it is the dawn of Memorial Day 2020 as most states are still under house arrest and small businesses are under forced closer that started March 22. It seems disingenuous to try to honor those that died to protect our freedom when we allowed ourselves to have been so easily put under house arrest to watch the starving out of small business, the arresting the owners of opening their business after using a month of reserves, people for fishing on the beach alone simply trying to put food on the table. This may have been done in the name of national health but these ordinances defy logic and reasoning causing more a chance of spread then if the people had been left to follow their own good judgment. We have posted a significant number of primary sources and scholarly abstracts supporting that this was not about health but abought dismantling our liberties. (I have encluded some these links but that is not the focus of this post) These tyrannical edicts challenge The US Constitution and the states’ constitutions. It is only tyrannical governors that uses state bureaucracies such as Child Protective Servies, Highway Patol, Health Services, and state licensing as weapons to punish political enemies. How did this happen without a shot fired?

In 1897 Professor John Dewey, leading father of the Progressive movement published his book My Pedagogic Creed which sought to reform education in accordance with his Progressive ideals. The public schools, administrative bureaucracies, and the destruction of our liberties we see today are a product of over 100 years of social change and circumventing the constitution through the education of our youth which has brought a slow but systematic transferring of power from the legislative branch of our government to administrative bureaucracies. The bureaucracies have the power to write laws, codes, and regulations; implement, enforce, and be judge and jury. There is no separation of powers and this is being done without representation. We the people have let this happen without deliberation, transparency, or questioning of the long term unintentional outcomes that many are opening their eyes to today.

We Can Return to Having The US Constitution Being the Law of the Land

We believe to return to our constitutional representative republic we need to create an infectious love for freedom and the constitution. We believe to do that we all need to learn everything we can about that document, its framing, and its acceptance. We need to go back to the process of ratifying the original document. On September 1787 The US Constitution was signed by the members of the continental congress it had been an arduous process but there was still work to be done, the voters of the states needed to agree that The US Constitution as written was The solution of how the states were to be governed; that would protect the liberties of the now sovereign citizen. It took John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison to write a series of 85 essays called The Federalist that were published in newspapers throughout the states In July 1790 the last state ratified the Constitution. Those three men in 1787 did most of the work for us in creating the Federalists papers, we simply need to read them, share them with our friends and get a national deliberation going again in support of returning to the constitution.

Conservative parents lament that public schools do not truly teach the constitution, that in our schools it little more than a chapter in our history. At Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Insitute this is not how we view our Constitution, The US Constitution The Federalist, their home state’s constitutions, other supporting documents, or our national history. Our students read and write in cursive daily so they may read the letters of the framers as written and woven into the daily lives of our students. Our written goals for our students is to not only develop in them a love for our Constitution but have the tools to fight for it through deliberation as statesmen and woman should.

Here are Some of the Tools We Use

The Yale Law School Avalon Project

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute [The US Constitution ](

Hillsdale College

[Hillsdale College Constitution Text Book](

The State of Idaho Secretary of State The Idaho State Constitution

Hillsdale College has an outstanding online class offering. We have completed many of their classes all great quality and insightful. Online Classes Catalog

Hillsdale Symposium on the Coronavirus

In Summery

It is my hope that you with read and chew on the material above. I hope you light a fire, invite your friends to break bread, and discuss and debate thoughts of these statesmen.

“A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.” ― Alexander Hamilton

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security."
—Benjamin Franklin
"It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad. "
—James Madison