Total Immersion Specialty Camps For Teens, Northern Idaho

“Reading along the line of natureal bent is like strinking with a hammer when we have the force of gravity as an ally. This accounts for the difference between what a boy gets out of which he must read on the sly and one which he is compelled to read.”

— John M. Fletcher on Emerson

A Few Words from our Director

Our 2, 3, and 4 week camps give the participants time to have a total immersion into that which they are passionate about be it agriculture, art, photography, shooting sports, shop, ham radio, or more. We offer a wide breadth of specialties for the teens and go deep enough to challage the most advanced student. Those that are in the shop, agriculture, photography, ham radio, and hunting specialties provide real services to the larger camp community.

I have a phone call to return on Monday for another former camper wanting a reference from us, our capstone project will be a great asset to those applying for jobs and college. See below for details

We knew we were on the right track when a student made the following statement which says it best.

“Thank you, it is the first time in my life I have been able to see a project through to mastery. Not at school and not at home. Your patience and flexible schedule made it possible.” Bobby

Who Can Attend Specialties?

Our Specialties are open to teens that attend our 2, 3, or 4 week sessions. If your teen enrolls in our 2 week camps there is enough time to go deep in one specialty. If enrolled in a 3 or 4 week camp they my choose up to three specialty areas. The cost of specialty areas is included in the cost of our Total Immersion Camps. Some projects a teen may want to participate in like building a fly rod in the fly fishing camp will require a material fee, ammo for the shooting programs and trap shooting will also require an additional material fee. Some specialties offer certifications or licensing that have their own fees. If your teen enrolls in the Leadership Program there is an additional one week camp at our regular fee the beginning of the summer, then all the rest of the camps for the summer are at a discounted rate.

Muli-Session Discounts

The teens may enroll in up to 13 weeks of summer camps at a substantial discount and may explore many of our various specialty camps or courses to go deep into one area.

Capstone Project

Capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating experience for our participants. The Capstone Project may be done as a team or individual, though there is significat synergy working as a collaberative unit.

Many campers over the years have used their camp experences when applying for jobs and college, the capstone projects will greatly enhance their application. Our participants complete capstone projects and the acompanying electronic and bound documentation provide an excellent addition to our participants portfolio to accompany any employment or college application.

During the teen camps the work the students perform will be documented by each other as a video and companion bound book. These are done in the same manner as our school student’s capstone projects in their senior year. These camps may also be used as part of the capstone project of our senior students. The capstone project is where campers put all their skills and work together. In a collaborative team the students rotate in and out of leadership roles maximizing on strengths of everone on their team. The project may be the building of a cabin, a field guide of the area they explored, a feast from food they have raised or foraged, the objective is the campers choice. This video and book should be suitable for college or employment application purposes.

As our 3 and 4 week camps are scheduled the last weeks of the summer, therefore the capstone will include all of the work that they have experienced during the summer.

On the last full day, the students will return to the lodge to shower, do laundry, and finish up their video presentations. That evening they will present their work to the rest the staff, participants, and any parents (that want to come and camp on that last night) at the ranch and enjoy a final feast and celebration before the long journey home the following day.

Our Current Teen Specialty Camps Available During the Total Immersion Teen Camps

Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft

Farm, Ranch, and Nature

Archery Target

Archery Hunt

Hunter Ed

Nature Photography

Nature Drawing and Journaling

Rifle Target

Shotgun Trap

Ham Radio Camp

Leadership Camp

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"Every Camp I have gone to was compleatly different, every camp has been great."
—Kobe age 15
"Each day I believe it was the best day of my life, then the next day happens it is even better. What we do is real."
—Dakota age 16
"No profit goes where is no pleasure ta'en: In brief, sir, study what you most affect."