Private Day and Resident Schools in Nature

Our School Now Has a Permanent Home

All of our programs have moved to our permanent home, a working farm in the pristine Northeastern Idaho’s Panhandle forest. Our programs will continue to have a nature focus, the vehicle to learning academics, and our “classroom” will continue to be outside. Exploration and research will continue in creeks, meadows, and forest however our students will now have access to our production farm and farm shops for long term agriculture and shop projects.

Our students will also have access to the recreation opportunities our school site has to offer including hiking, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, shooting rifles, skeet, trap, archery, fishing, hunting, and so much more.

As in the past our k-12 school program is available to local students and soon with boarding options for local and to any preteen or teen living in the United States.

Because our schools and summer camps are truly integrated, weeks in winter, spring, and summer camps can be substituted for weeks in our standard school year or added on to the school experience.

This is Real, This is Relevant, This is Wow, And this is Now

We believe that our paradigm of education is what the brightest kids long for. Much of NOLI School is a series of field botany and zoology research labs and apprenticeships. We all learn best by doing, regardless of age, and our participants’’ school experience is nearly 100% hands on in the forest or working on the farm. Gone are the podiums, classrooms, desks, and gone are lectures, text books, standardized curriculums, and standardized tests. This is a different format for school where the students are learning math and English by doing field botany and zoology research and following their own interests and passions. Our students will continue to have individualized curriculums based on their personal goals and learning styles. We will continue to measure success through mastery and track success with their body of work in portfolio form not in transcripts and show completion of work in capstone projects.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Forest School

You’ve seen the cool videos of our students running, playing with baby lambs, goats, and pigs, laughing, building, and exploring in our school now is your chance to have your child participate with our nurturing staff in the pristine forest. Parents have said it is like my child is growing up in a large family doing really cool things daily.

Day School

For those who live locally your child, pick-up and drop-off are in the town of Bonners Ferry and Moyie Springs. Class meets Monday through Friday 9:00 to 3:00 with opportunity for extended days and weekend adventures with the boarding students. The day students can participate in many of the farm, ranch, and recreation activities as those that live on the ranch.

K – 5th grades

The school work of the youngest kids is play and free exploration, games, art and building projects, and being read to. They may join to hear the older students read their daily nature journal or reading journal. If they want they may add their own voice about their own nature obervation. They will help with daily farm cores. As they mature they will be given more responsibility to learn basic skills and helping older students with their projects. The older students also have some assigned responsibility mentoring the younger children in learning basic skills and reading to them.

6th – 12 grades

These preteens and teens will join in on the field farm labs and projects that residents participate in. More information coming soon

Resident School Formats 6th – 12-grade

Sunday – Wednesday Academic Wilderness, Farm, and Ranch Camp Format

This format for school is 32 weeks of academic camps with the drop-off on Sunday and pick-up on Wednesday at the ranch and the weeks can be scheduled when it works best for you. This format works great for those that live too far away to justify making the drive daily, are primarily home schooling families, or those that want their kids to have a partial boarding experience but don’t want to be gone from home the 7 weeks as standard for our full time boarding students. With an agriculture or wilderness focus being outside is the default.

6th – 12-grade Academic Wilderness, Farm, and Ranch Boarding School (comming soon)

For families that live outside of the area or want more of what NOLI has to offer a boarding option for a limited number of pre-teen and teen students is available. These students attend the same academic camps Sunday – Wednesday with the other students with additional Thursday – Saturday of mentored instruction time.

Our standard format is 3 blocks of 7 weeks in school and 3 weeks at home between each block. There is some flexibility in scheduling throughout the year to complete the 21 weeks of required instruction.

When field lab camps are not in session (Thursday – Saturday) the boarding students reside in family style dorms as members of their hosts’ family. Wednesday – Sunday the boarding students will participate with mentored instruction in the everyday running of the production farm and homestead, may have mentored exploration of the wilderness of the Idaho Panhandle has much to offer while hiking, on horseback, snow shoeing, or skiing. These students go deeper into their passions, they will have time to work on their agricultural projects, working in the shops and labs. They may choose to have professional coaching in shooting sports, training the therapy dogs, our just use the time for free exploration.

"We don’t rise to the level of our expectations…we fall to the level of our training."
—Archilochus, Greek Soldier, Poet, 650 BC
"Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation."
—Simon Sinek