Tactical Solutions Mentor - Michael Brewer

Real personal power comes the moment you realize it doesn’t matter how you feel about putting in the work, only that you do it anyway. I know it’s hard. Do it anyway.

Mike Brewer

Michael Brewer – Michael Brewer – Subject Area Specialist – Tactical and Logistical Solutions Mentor

All of our instructors are masters in their fields and earned that title through living what they teach. Michael Brewer is an outstanding example. Michael served in the US Army as a Special Operations soldier, as well as serving with three separate US Intelligence Agencies as a counterterrorism targeter and clandestine operations specialist. He is one of those people that earned my respect before we met. Several years ago people from all over the US told us we needed to meet Michael. Before contacting Mike, I checked his background and with every rock I turned over fiction seemed more believable than what I was finding. But he is the real deal. Like most combat soldiers and particularly decorated Special Ops soldiers, they don’t talk about his experiences, but believe me, everything he teaches he is a master at. He has lived and worked in 20 countries on five continents, and he has honed this material over the years by consulting with some of the very best in the field.

In his courses, you will learn techniques that effectively combine the hard and fast rules, techniques, and strategies for surviving in hostile or denied areas with the unique facets of doing it as a civilian. Like all our instructors he teaches more than techniques and tactics. With Michael, you will learn the PACE mindset and how to apply it in your everyday life. Michael will share with you the tools and help you build practices and habits that will set your life up so that threats simply never materialize in your path. Return to staff page

"Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power."
"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."