Farm, Ranch, and Wilderness Youth Camps

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Kids working together to make rope

Kids Day Camp

We are currently not planning a kids ranch and wilderness day camp for summer 2018, check back for updates.

Preteens In the Blacksmith Shop Fabrication a Rope Making Machine

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These ranch and wilderness camps will start the adventure for your child

Teens Deeply Focused With Our Founder

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From traditional one week teen camp through epic 3 and 4 week total immersion packages. Your teen will walk tall and will make memories that will last a life time. The 3 and 4 week camps your teen may also focus enrolling in one of our four specialty camps.

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Teens enrolled in the Total Immersion 3 and 4 week camps can concurrently enroll in a specialty camp. Please note there is no additional tuition for these camps but there may be material fees for some projects.

"My brother and I have been coming to their camps since we were little. They have all been great, we never know what to expect, each one is always better than the one before."
—Kobe age 15
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
—Albert Einstein
"Nature is a profoundly deep part of us. Our species has spent 99.9% of the past 200,000 years thriving in nature, building shelter, making clothing, making fire, finding drinking water, tracking and harvesting food. For our species survival we had to be deeply connected to nature."
—Brian King