Veterans, Soldiers, New Recruits, and Their Familes -- Coming Soon

To Better Serve Our Veterans and Soldiers We Integrate Them and their Families Into Our Existing Programs on a Working Ranch and Dairy

Overview of the ranch and dairy

Any Veteran is Welcome in Our Programs

Regardless of what war or conflict you or someone you love served in, combat soldier or not, any honorably discharged vet and their families are welcome.

Returning Vets

Returning home can be a hard time for vets and their families; we work to keep their families together. The vets can reside on the farm with their family, can enroll in our resident college, wilderness training, or homesteading programs, and have hands-on training working on the farm. During their residency at NOLI, they will have vets with experience, to talk to that have worked through their own pain and help them work through their grief, shame, or diminished self-compassion.

Their spouses may also enroll in these same adult programs with or without having employment on the farm. Their children may enroll in our school or camps, or both during your residency. They may also get training in working with vets.

Services for the Families of Deployed Soldiers

Deployment is a very hard time for their spouses and children of the soldiers. NOLI is a Place for the families of deployed soldiers to come and be supported by those that have walked in your shoes. We offer families of the deployed the same services as we offer for the returning vets. The families of soldiers may reside at NOLI during the time leading up to deployment, deployment, and after deployment. Children of deployed soldiers can attend our schools and camps during the term of deployment; spouses can attend our adult classes and receive training in what to expect and help their spouse to return home.

Services for the Families in Boot Camp

The long periods of time that a new recruit is in training can also be hard for spouses and their children. We offer the same services for the families listed above for new recruits.

What is Soul Injury

Just say the words “Soul Injury” and you will have the attention of people around you, including newspapers and media. Soul Injury is a truth that immediately resonates with people who have been traumatized, betrayed, abused, neglected, or suffer chronic or serious illness. Impacted by the aftermath of their loved one’s Soul Injury, family members also suffer; they carry “insidious Soul Injury” – a slow, gradual, erosion of the soul as they help carry their loved one’s burden.

While Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is now an acknowledged psychological sequelae to trauma, Soul Injury, a deeper more penetrating wound, is not yet a well-known concept. But now, Soul Injury no longer needs to be shrouded in silence. You (or your agency) can be the change agent that brings hope to injured souls yearning for en-couragement. You can become an Opus Peace-approved Soul Injury Opus Peace Ambassador.

Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Institute & Opus Peace

We have teamed up with the fine people at Opus Peace to provide programs that respond to Soul Injury. The Opus Peace Institute training combines our skills and resources with those of Opus Peace. In the fall of 2018, we will start working with veterans on our farm and ranch.

"We don’t rise to the level of our expectations…we fall to the level of our training."
—Archilochus, Greek Soldier, Poet, 650 BC