Training for Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Soldiers, New Recruits, and Their Families

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ― Winston S. Churchill

To Better Serve Veterans and Soldiers We Integrate Them and their Families Into Our Existing Wilderness Programs

Since 2016 have provided our wilderness training and instructor training to our US Veterans. We now offer US veterans training in habitat and forest management, farming and ranching, and the trades.

Veterans and family wilderness skills class

Any Veteran and Their Family are Welcome in Our Programs

Regardless of what war or conflict you or someone you love served in, combat soldier or not, any honorably discharged veteran and their families are all welcome. We also serve law enforcement personnel, firefighters, paramedics, trauma nurses, and chaplains as well. We believe spouses and children served also and the families of the wounded soldiers. We measure success by the smiles and laughter that return to both the soldiers and their families.

Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Trauma Nurses

Soldiers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, paramedics, trauma nurses, and doctors may enroll in our resident college, wilderness training, and homesteading programs. We have hands-on training working on the farm, dairy, forest and our schools and camps. Whenever posable the veterans’ mentors will also be veterans.

Overview of the Ranch and Dairy

Services for the Families of Veterans

We believe in the importance of keeping the families of the veterans’ and the veterans together doing their Enrolment veterans our programs. To that end our youth camps and K-12 school is available to the children of the veterans enrolled in our programs, as well is as their spouses may enroll in our adult programs.

Services for the Families of Deployed Soldiers

Deployment is a very hard time for significant others and their children. NOLI is a place for the families of deployed soldiers to come and be supported by those that have walked in their shoes. The families of soldiers may camp at NOLI during the time leading up to deployment, during deployment, and after deployment. Children of deployed soldiers can attend our agriculture and wilderness schools and camps during the term of deployment; significant others may attend our adult wilderness and homestead training. We also offer workshops focused on what to expect after deployment and learn the tools to help when the deployed return home. If for no other reason Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Institute offers the parent a respite from the pressure and stress of parenting during deployment.

“You cannot now realize that you will ever feel better… And yet it is a mistake. You are sure to be happy again.” Abraham Lincoln

Services for the Families of the Fallen

The families of fallen soldiers, law enforcement, and first responders are welcome to attend our agriculture and wilderness camps and schools and adult wilderness and homesteading training and simply be held in a warm home in the pristine Idaho Panhandle as they work through their grief with mentors made up of their peers.

Services for the Families in Boot Camp

The long periods of time that a new recruit is in training can also be hard for significant others and their children. We offer the same services for the families listed above for new recruits. The K-12th grade children may attend our agricultural and wilderness school and camps as the parent attends our adult workshops. There is no greater comfort to walk with those that have been down the same path.

Veterans and family wilderness skills class

What do the Veterans Learn? What do They do?

We currently are enrolling veterans into our Instructor Certification for US Service Veterans only – In the Wilderness Series

Over the coming months we will be scheduling sessions of our Homesteading and Trades workshops also. Check here for Homesteading Series and Trades Workshops updates.

"Just going from a war zone to civilian life—you feel totally isolated, totally alone. You feel cut off from everything. My dogs were the only 'people' that were there for me."
—Joshua when returning from Afghanistan
"Both my Mother and Father served in WWII, Dad a Paratrooper, Mom an assistant to General Eisenhower. the negative impact on Mom was profound. She took his orders and sent them to the troops, she then received the communications back from the carnage of battle which she internalized. Three days before she passed was the first she could talk about it and she cried for the men that died, only then did I understand why she was so stoic and cold to me growing up."
—Toni King