FAQ -- Can You Explain Your Age Groups?


FAQ: You Talk About Having Mixed Age Groups, But About Half the Photos are of Groups that Seem to be of the Same Age. What’s Up?


Good Question the short answer is the school is mix in age and the camps are segregated by age.


The school is made up of classes which in turn are made up of seven students ranging in age six-ish to eighteen, with adult interns and core mentors. Students have said it feels like learning with a bunch of cousins, aunts, and uncles. Everyone has someone older to look up to and emulate. This is an effective way for the student to develop and practice leadership skills. At each age, nature gives a person a different quality. An example is the inquisitiveness and confidence that a six your old has, the fifteen-year-old has the makings of a body of knowledge they want to share, and the seventeen-year-old is developing wisdom and are testing the waters being an adult. There is a synergistic effect in bringing all these different qualities together.
At times we pull students from the same age groups out of their class group for certain activities that are more appropriate with the same maturity of students.
That being said, we, at times, pull students together with the same interests which may be of different ages. Kids all come from different experiences a younger student may be at the same skill level or even have mastery of a skill an older student is just starting to learn.


Most of our Summer Camps are divided into segregated age groups: kids ages six to eight-years-of-age, nine to twelve, thirteen to eighteen, and sixteen to eighteen. Our summer camps are a time for kids to socialize and develop friendships with students in their own age group from all over the US. Our camps are also a time for activities that is more appropriate or lends itself to being in a group with the same level of maturity.

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."
—Maria Montessori
"Design is thinking made visual."
—Saul Bass