FAQ -- Can You Give Examples of Activities Used to teach Math?

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FAQ – Can You Give Examples of Activities to Teach Math or English that Are Used In Your Distance Learning

Answer – Yes

Example 1. Using a Hike to Teach Geometry – Reciprocal Heading

This is one of the first survival skills that all of our students learn in both our K-12 School and our Adult In the Wilderness School.

This is a lesson that everyone should have before stepping off the trail. It also introduces many math and science concepts that are used in many fields of endeavor. It is something that our students will use daily and will grow into other skills as their education unfolds.

Our students are not given a stack of hand-outs to complete but each child’s mentor will give this or similar activities when the time is right. The mentor will write or edit the activity as needed and will give instructions to the student one-on-one over the phone. With less mature students the parent will be a part of the call. The student will go outside and as they are doing the activity taking photos or making sketches of the target and the heading on the compass, and do the same on return. After completing the activity the student will call in for a debriefing.

PDF of In the Wilderness Reciprocal Heading

Example 2. Using a Distant Landmark, Compass, and Calculator to Learn the Law of Sines

In example 2 the student is using the “Want to Hike to a distant landmark” as the vehicle to learn the much more advanced skill of trigonometry. The student at this point is well versed in using their compass and using their calculator to find solutions in geometry and trigonometry. The student would not print out the activity sheet but now how to locate it remotely on the server. The formate of call in for one-on-one mentoring and debriefing is used for these teen students.

PDF of In the Wilderness Law of Sines

Example 3. Navigation With Story Line

This example of navigation is just as important as the other two skills used in ways more so. For this example, the student is not using math but skills in being creative, writing, sketching, as well as botany and geology. Like Example 1. this activity is great for all ages and skills; we use it both in the K-12 school and the adult In the Wilderness school. This is also an activity that becomes more safisticated each time the students build on it.

Again the students will take pictures of their story line and send it to there mentor.

This is a great activity for group discussion.

PDF of In the Wilderness Reciprocal Heading

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